Treat your brandswith care

Brands are special things that need to be carefully crafted and lovingly nurtured. They are your differentiator in a crowded market place and, managed well, they add real value to your company.

Our branding expertise has been developed over many years; we can help you to create your brand identity and put it to work for you. Your logo itself is so much more than a pretty picture or a quirky font. A well- crafted logo needs to take into account your values, your market position, your target consumers and your brand personality. It needs to be able to stretch to new products and services whilst retaining a recognisable core. A strong brand identity is rewarded with sustainability and long term value.

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4 Simple Steps to a Great Brand

  • A great brand needs to be well-crafted: we look at your strategic brand objectives, your marketplace and your customers; we dig deep and get you to consider what your brand stands for. All this happens before we even begin to design
  • A great brand should be carefully managed: we understand how to build a brand, how it can be adapted and extended – and when it shouldn’t be. We offer advice and consultancy services that ensure you grow your brand carefully and profitably.
  • A great brand should work hard: once you have nailed your brand identity, put it to work consistently. All our marketing concepts will respect your brand. If a brochure demands quality, we’ll build it into the spec, if your brand has a distinctive personality, we’ll use it consistently in social media. Every interaction a consumer has with your brand should reinforce its identity.
  • A great brand should be well-protected: simply owning a brand is not enough to have rights over it. Along with our specialist trademark lawyers, we will help you to make applications to either the UK or EU trademark registries. A successful trademark registration will give you “monopoly” protection for your brand.

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Our brand services include:

  • Logo design and brand identity
  • Marketing collateral
  • Signage
  • Stationery
  • Packaging and POS
  • Brand protection
  • Brand and marketing consultancy
“If you are looking for a designer who can truly ‘get under the skin’ of what you are looking to create then you don’t have to look any further than Kimberley. No matter how vague a description you give her she always manages to bring your ideas to life, creating vibrate, impactive, memorable designs. She also has the creative capacity to see everything that you can’t see, always bringing a new dimension. I have engaged Kimberley on a number of occasions and will continue to do so. Great designs and a great person to work with.”
Deb Leary

Latest Projects

Consistent and imaginative representation of your brand across digital and print channels is our speciality. We find out what makes your brand tick, we bring it to life on screen and in print, and we help you to manage and maintain a consistent and impactful presence.

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Our Clients

Just some of our Clients… Having many years’ experience in the sector, here at Kimberley-Jane Design Ltd we pride ourselves on the broad range of clients we have ongoing relationships with. Actively managing over 60 clients across an array of projects from ongoing graphic design, web design, website maintenance, SEO and social media here are just a few we have recently worked with…


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