Our creative process

We apply the same rigorous process to every project, from a simple logo design to a full brand consultation, from a website refresh to an integrated online strategy. We listen and learn then we use our creativity to get you the results you need.

1. Listen and Understand

We take the time to truly listen to you, to get under the skin of your business and your brand. We help you explore your own ideas and objectives and we write the brief collaboratively with you. It’s important to us that whatever we create is what you want and need, not just something that our designers thought was cool (we bet you’ve come across a few overbearing artist types – we’re not like that at all). Once we’re clear about your goals we can make a start on helping you reach them. And don’t be afraid to dream big here; we want to create something truly outstanding for you.

2. Create Ideas that Flourish

From the brief, we spin out a multitude of creative concepts and possibilities. Then we cull some, merge others and work up the best, always keeping your brand credentials and your strategic objectives at the forefront of our thinking. We run our best ideas past you, so you can tell us which one you love the most. Once you’re happy we’re heading in the right direction, we develop the concept into its finished form – whether it’s brand design, a website, an online strategy or all three. At this stage, we’ll also dig deep into what’s going to work well within your industry and for your target customers; because research is the backbone to a successful strategy.

3. Deliver with Success

We stick with you once your site’s online or your brand is launched because a great website or a great brand isn’t just one that looks amazing — it’s one that works. If it’s your website, we test everything to make sure it’s in full working order before launch and again after launch. We send you monthly reports to help you understand how your new site is performing, too. If it’s your brand and marketing materials we keep in touch to see what’s working and we’re always ready to swing into action on new projects because we know your brand so well.

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